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Camp Perry 2012

posted May 4, 2012, 10:42 AM by Kevin Winters   [ updated May 29, 2012, 10:53 AM ]
Program avalable here.

Thursday 5/31 all of us need to register for camp Perry.

Online entry:

We will register for smallbore rifle both 3p and prone

1.You will need NRA#

2.NRA classification for outdoor conventional 3p and outdoor conventional prone. **see rules below 19.6 card to pay the entry fees.


I need to send in the Special Squadding Request with everyone's name, NRA#,  classification, and competitor number on 6-1 or sooner.

So after you register send me this info ASAP.

I don’t want to chase people for this so it’s important to do it on 5-31 and forward the info after.


The reasons we are waiting for till then is in the event we do not get special squadding we will end up in an ideal section of the Camp Perry range.



If for some reason this can’t be done or you have questions let me know ASAP because I will be sending in the Special Squadding request on Monday 6-4.

Anyone who misses the special squadding request may end up 100 points away from us… NOT fun.


19.6 Assigned Classification - A competitor who has an earned classification (a classification obtained

through his Score Record Book or an Official NRA Classification Card) for one type of competition in the grouping

listed below will be assigned this same classification in any competition in which he does not already have an

earned or assigned classification. If he has a classification in more than one type in the list below, he shall use the

higher classification. After his first tournament in the new type, he will use his Score Record Book rather than his

assigned classification when entering his second tournament in the new type.

Smallbore and High Power Rifle

(a) Indoor Conventional Position (f) Outdoor Conventional Rifle Prone

(b) Outdoor Convention Position Smallbore Rifle (g) International

(c) Indoor NRA Metric Position (h) High Power

(d) Outdoor NRA Metric Position Rifle (i) 300 Meter

(e) Outdoor Metric Prone (j) Air Rifle

Kevin Winters,
May 4, 2012, 10:42 AM